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Older Men’s Hairstyles for 2016

Some men’s hairstyles becomes much easier to address as men get older… because they go bald. If that’s happened to you or your partner, then it’s probably best to focus on the money you’ll save on haircuts & haircare products, and the amount of time you’ll save getting ready in the morning!

Toupee’s are NOT recommended… sorry guys. It’ll be bald hairstyles for you from now on, unless you want to go down the hair transplant path.

On the other hand, if you or your partner are lucky enough to be a man who is over 50 and still has a full set of hair, there now are more options than ever for you to get a handsome hairstyle.

Modern Men’s Haircuts

Mens haircuts over 50 - pompadour

Mens haircuts over 50 – pompadour

Even if you’re not going bald, there are some haircuts for men with thinning hair that you may want to consider.

For example, the pompadour allows you to keep your length on top, while shaving, cutting or clipping the sides very short – even back to the scalp.

This can be a very stylish and confident men’s haircut, which will work just as well in the office environment as it will on the weekend or the golf course.

The only downside? It does require extra products to keep the hair in place, and may even involve blowdrying your hair each day for the best wave effect.

Caesar men's hairstyle

Caesar men’s hairstyle

If the pompadour isn’t quite your style, you could always keep things simple with a classic caeser cut, rocked by George Clooney – the most obvious poster-child for men’s haircuts in the 50+ age bracket.

One of the advantages of the caesar hairstyle is that it’s dead simple to maintain – a quick comb or brush in the morning and you’re good to go!

It also doesn’t require much hair product, if any, so you’ll save costs on maintenance as well.

Other celebrities who have worn the caesar style include Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe.

But what if you don’t like either of those men’s haircuts? Then it’s time to move onto another classic cut…

Slicked back grey hair

Slicked back grey hair

If you’re blessed with longer hair, you may want to consider going down the “slicked back” hair style as worn here by Mr Wall Street himself, Michael Douglas.

While it will take a bit more maintenance (including products) when compared with the caesar men’s hairstyle, the slicked back look is relatively easy to do each morning. It also offers a casual yet professional look, whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans & a casual shirt.

Many women find a man with grey hair to be very attractive, because it shows their strength and maturity. So if you find yourself in that category, don’t hide it – flaunt it! Go long if you have the length, otherwise opt for one of the shorter hairstyles listed here.

Of course if none of these men’s hairstyles take your fancy, talk with your barber or hairdresser. You may be surprised at the options they can share, which you may never have thought of.

Have fun finding the right men’s haircut for you!