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Construction Basics: Planning Your Home

It should go without saying that planning is the most important stage in the construction process. It is more than making drawings and mockups, it is crucial to giving your project the direction it needs. You can’t overdo it.

That said, make sure to focus your efforts on the following aspects of the job:

  • House Orientation – You need to determine which direction your house will face in relation to the lot.
  • Layout – This is something you need to pay close attention to. As a rule, you want to establish a great flow between the different spaces and rooms.
  • Lighting – Another important factor in the design of your home is lighting. This includes the use of natural light and the maximization of light fixtures. The last thing you want is a dark and dreary home.
  • Outlets and Power points – This may seem mundane, but it is an essential part of the planning phase. With several appliances and gadgets, we simply can’t overstate how dependent we all are to power outlets.

You need to ensure that all the details of your house construction project are meticulously planned, down to the last detail.