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10 Tips to Improved Hair Care

Hair care is a fundamental part of looking great & feeling great. There are a limitless variety of hair care products on the market that make big promises to tone up, curl, align, moisturize and even rejuvenate… but what exactly is the best way to sustain healthy and balanced hair? Here are 10 ideas to help you get started on your journey to healthier hair.

ONE – If you notice split ends in your hair, you’ll need to have them trimmed. This will create more healthy hair and a much better overall appearance. A trim is relatively low-cost and should only take a matter of minutes at most hair salons.Deal with split ends straight away

TWO – Use a lower heat setting on your hair dryer. Severe heat can dry out the hair as well as give you a bad case of “the frizzies”! And nobody wants that.

THREE – Avoid long term direct exposure to the sun. Not only is it bad for your skin, it can dry out your hair as well.

FOUR – Lots of people suffer from dandruff. If that’s something you struggle with too, avoid scraping or scrubbing your head as this will only make matters worse. What you’ll want to do is use a shampoo and conditioner (not an all-in-one) specifically designed to handle dandruff. There are several good products on the market, but your hairdresser will be able to guide you towards the best option for your hair type.

FIVE – If you have thin hair, add a volumizing hair shampoo for added body. If you have thick hair, washing your hair with a high quality shampoo is crucial.

SIX – Steer clear of extreme hair care items, which can dry or damage the hair. There have been many articles in the media over recent years of people who have suffered hair loss as a result of using cheap DIY kits. If you wish to have this kind of treatment done, have it done at the beauty parlor to avoid the risks.

hairbrushSEVEN – When selecting a hair salon, make sure that you opt for one that has been around for some time, has a solid reputation, and presents a clean working environment.

EIGHT – Ask close friends (in person and on Facebook!) for referrals & recommendations. If they have made use of a particular hair care product you’re interested in, ask about their personal experience. The very same is true with salons, which can be very hard to judge before you try them out.

NINE – When brushing your hair, use soft careful strokes. No good comes from brushing your hair quickly! Part of high quality hair care involves making the time to do it right.

TEN – When making use of styling products, check to make sure they don’t get too hot before you apply them hair. Extreme heat can quickly ruin your hair, and possibly even leave you with a nasty burn.

Great hair can be yoursNow… to be clear. You already know this list is not exhaustive 🙂 But it should at least prompt you to rethink your hair care routine! And please, if you experience any skin or hair issues as a result of using any particular product or service, do consult a skin specialist to get the right medical advice you need.

Thicker Stronger Hair Can Be Yours

Thicker stronger hair

Frustrated by brittle, fragile hair? Feeling jealous any time you see someone with strong, thick and flowing hair? Fed up with trying different treatments and lotions to get the hair you’re really wanting?

Good news: you’re not alone!

So before you give yourself a buzzcut, take hope and see if the following tips can help you solve your hair blues.

There are plenty of salons in Sydney who can help you turn your difficult “bird’s nest” into a healthy crown you can be proud of.

Diet – Foundation to Thicker Healthier Hair

healthy hair with dietFor example, Sydney hairdresser Stephen Foyle is asked this question every other day by customers just like you seeking help with their hair. However his answer may surprise you – he suggests to start with your diet.

Rather than invest hundreds of dollars in expensive lotions & goop, first take a look at the fuel you’re giving your body. Just like a race-winning stallion isn’t fed hamburgers, if you want to look (and feel) your best, it makes sense to monitor the kinds of foods you’re consuming, right?

Iron is one of most important things your hair needs to be thick and strong. If you find your iron levels are low, you can improve them by eating chicken, egg-yokes, lentils and spinach. Maybe try a couple of eggs covered in spinach for a healthy protein-rich start to your day. Ditch the toast and / or cereals for a few days and see if you don’t notice a difference!

You’ll also want to check your Vitamin B and Zinc levels. Basically – lots of green veggies! Experiment with adding vegetables to your lunch and dinner. Maybe a chicken & avocado salad for lunch… some almonds or cashews in the afternoon… and plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

It’s worth noting you should definitely check-in with your dietician or health specialist before undertaking a drastic change in diet! Everybody is different and this site is not in any way providing clinical health advice – so be sure to do your own investigation before committing.

While diet is foundational to healthier, thicker hair, it’s not the only factor to consider.

Hair Improvement Products

Sometimes your hair really does need some special treatment, which is where Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair may be required.

Just be careful to go with only trusted brands – cheap “me too” products may end up doing more damage to your hair through the use of damaging chemicals.

Seek Help from Your Hair Salon

If you’re in doubt about the type of treatment you should apply to your hair, just check in at your local Sydney hair salon and let them guide you down the right path.

It’s important you don’t make any rash decisions when it comes to your hair. Your most powerful weapon in the war on bad hair is research! You’ve got an abundance of resources available online at sites like this, as well as offline with your local hairdresser.

By following the tips in this article and getting guidance from your stylist – and your dietician – you’ll be on your way to thicker, healthier and stronger hair in no time!

Older Men’s Hairstyles for 2016

Some men’s hairstyles becomes much easier to address as men get older… because they go bald. If that’s happened to you or your partner, then it’s probably best to focus on the money you’ll save on haircuts & haircare products, and the amount of time you’ll save getting ready in the morning!

Toupee’s are NOT recommended… sorry guys. It’ll be bald hairstyles for you from now on, unless you want to go down the hair transplant path.

On the other hand, if you or your partner are lucky enough to be a man who is over 50 and still has a full set of hair, there now are more options than ever for you to get a handsome hairstyle.

Modern Men’s Haircuts

Mens haircuts over 50 - pompadour

Mens haircuts over 50 – pompadour

Even if you’re not going bald, there are some haircuts for men with thinning hair that you may want to consider.

For example, the pompadour allows you to keep your length on top, while shaving, cutting or clipping the sides very short – even back to the scalp.

This can be a very stylish and confident men’s haircut, which will work just as well in the office environment as it will on the weekend or the golf course.

The only downside? It does require extra products to keep the hair in place, and may even involve blowdrying your hair each day for the best wave effect.

Caesar men's hairstyle

Caesar men’s hairstyle

If the pompadour isn’t quite your style, you could always keep things simple with a classic caeser cut, rocked by George Clooney – the most obvious poster-child for men’s haircuts in the 50+ age bracket.

One of the advantages of the caesar hairstyle is that it’s dead simple to maintain – a quick comb or brush in the morning and you’re good to go!

It also doesn’t require much hair product, if any, so you’ll save costs on maintenance as well.

Other celebrities who have worn the caesar style include Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe.

But what if you don’t like either of those men’s haircuts? Then it’s time to move onto another classic cut…

Slicked back grey hair

Slicked back grey hair

If you’re blessed with longer hair, you may want to consider going down the “slicked back” hair style as worn here by Mr Wall Street himself, Michael Douglas.

While it will take a bit more maintenance (including products) when compared with the caesar men’s hairstyle, the slicked back look is relatively easy to do each morning. It also offers a casual yet professional look, whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans & a casual shirt.

Many women find a man with grey hair to be very attractive, because it shows their strength and maturity. So if you find yourself in that category, don’t hide it – flaunt it! Go long if you have the length, otherwise opt for one of the shorter hairstyles listed here.

Of course if none of these men’s hairstyles take your fancy, talk with your barber or hairdresser. You may be surprised at the options they can share, which you may never have thought of.

Have fun finding the right men’s haircut for you!

Healthy Apple – Better Food for Better Hair


Remember the old rhyme you learned as a kid – “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Although it’s more of a cliche today than a recipe for better health, science is showing there’s a very strong tie between the foods we eat and the condition of our body – including our hair.

In fact, one of the best things you can do to encourage healthy locks is to eat a healthy diet and keep up a steady intake of water throughout the day.

Food for Performance

Let’s say you invested a couple million dollars in a new race horse (you know, just for fun, with all that spare cash you’ve got lying around). You want that fine creature to be at its best performance, not only on race day, but every day – wouldn’t you? If so, chances are you wouldn’t feed it hamburgers and diet soft-drinks, right?

You’d be investing further in the horse’s dietary needs to ensure you were maximising the investment you’d already made in the horse itself. It’s likely it would cost you a lot more than “general horse food”, but hey – it’s a race horse who has to run and win!

So… why wouldn’t you take the same pains with your own body?

Garbage In…

MourningRomney-diet-tipWe all know the feeling of over-eating, or indulging too much in rich foods and alcohol. That feeling is your body’s way of telling you that you messed up, but many times it’s just easier to ignore that prompt.

But it stands to reason that if you really want to get the most out of your day – and look great during the process – a healthy diet is critical to your success.

Where to Start With a Healthier Diet

Don’t get caught up in the latest “trendy” diet hitting the internet or tabloids. Those dangerous diets are often touted by celebrities who have more time and more money than you do (along with dedicated personal dieticians and trainers) so you can never compare your own results to theirs!

The best thing you can do is to contact your local nutritionist for a free consultation to explore your own specific health needs.

The Top Beauty Advice in the World

Top Beauty Advice

Elegance is an extremely personal program for many individuals. It entails the needs of a person, along with personal grooming and treatments. This world has lots of therapies, accessories and methods, that it can seem a bit confusing as to where you should begin. Below pointers can help you understand the confusion.

While the skin on your face is fairly fragile, the skin across your body is considerably thicker. However, it benefits considerably from peeling. Utilize a body brush with all-natural bristles to clean your whole body prior to taking a bath or shower. This helps remove dead skin and raises your blood circulation.

If your propensity to bite your fingernails is a stressed behavior, try taking up a leisure activity that is sure to keep your hands busy and occupied during your downtime. This might be knitting, laying out, or even doing crossword puzzles. This can conserve your nails while you enjoy tv, films, or laze around your home.

If you have normally light skin, having a healthy and balanced radiance could be a problem. A great deal of make-up is not needed to have a terrific looking radiant skin. For the most natural-looking outcomes, utilize a radiance item around the hair line, the chin, the apple areas of your cheeks and also the bridge of the nose.

If your hair and face could possibly utilize a little tender and a loving treatment, yet you cannot save the cash for a spa or hair salon visit, look no further. Your fridge is just there to supply what you might need. Apply the whites of an egg to your face for a tightening up and lightening up mask, then use the yolk to your hair to leave it glossy and full.

A petroleum jelly can make wonders so you may want to keep it handy all the time. This is effective and very gentle to use in removing makeup. It is used as an intensive dry skin therapy too. You can replace your lip gloss with this jelly for healthy and balanced soft lips. A budget-friendly over-the-counter product you can almost buy everywhere.

Want to instantly feel younger and a lot more gorgeous for real? Obtain a new coiffure. Visiting your beauty salon for a haircut and a new hair color is a quick way to rejuvenate a tired look. Your stylist could offer pointers for a look that benefits you, as well as furnish your high-end appeal. You will most likely feel loosened up after a day at a beauty salon, making you look even more attractive.

One secret to having a shinier hair is by giving it a final rinse under a cold water. This water helps seal the cuticle on the hair which results to smoother, less frizzy and shinier hair. Hot water does not help in this.

If you have skin that tends to get glossy, you could do a couple of points throughout the day. If you intend to be fancy, you can buy a packet of face-blotting sheets. The scent is good since it comes with aromatic clear powder. Or you could just take a sheet of normal toilet paper and press, not scrub, on the oily areas.

While beauty is completely a personal grooming program for everybody, it does share the major objective of making somebody much more appealing. As you have actually seen in these suggestions, there are different approaches, however they are all produced around the concept of making somebody really feel far better concerning the way they look.

Preventing Hair Loss With a Sydney Hair Salon for Men

sydney-hair-salon-for-menNo man likes going bald. Every man would probably want thick hair on his head. In most cases, regardless of your age, you want to have this. Hair loss is a no no and you try to do everything just to avoid losing your hair. Losing your hair, a little at a time, is quite normal. Keeping our hair for many years is something that we need to do. Keeping it healthy with the help of a Sydney hair salon for men is one way to achieve this. Though having a bald head is not that bad, it’s usually not our first choice. Is it possible to prevent hair loss at all? A healthy scalp can keep our hair healthy – how do we maintain this? Keep reading to find out!

Protection from the sun can help your hair. Although you may be tempted to wear a hat, don’t do this if you can help it. Your scalp needs to breathe and wearing a hat a lot cuts down on the oxygen flow to your scalp and your hair follicles. Using a hair product with built-in sunscreen is a better option. Finding them in beauty supply shops is easy. When using these products to protect yourself from the sun, you can also add volume to your hair as well. You actually get the best of both worlds by using certain styling agents. You protect your scalp from the sun, and your head from hair loss. Take proper care of your hair. Some views on washing your hair too often are, too much washing takes the oils out. Men many times wash their hair every day when they shower, and that may be why a lot of men are bald. Washing your hair every two days may be a better option. Buy high quality shampoo and other products. Sure they are usually more expensive but they are generally healthier for your hair than the cheap crappy stuff. Some hair products are very expensive, but that does not always make them better. Talk to your doctor and stylist to find out which products are best for your hair.

Avoiding stress in your life is important. Our lives are typically stressful. Dealing with the stress – this is important. You can actually lose hair by maintaining a high level of stress. When you feel stressed, we tend to touch our head, and sometimes rub our hands through our hair. You can prevent hair loss by maintaining a calmer disposition. When you relax, this helps mind, body and spirit. It is actually one of the best things you can do (lowering your stress).

We think our hair is strong, but it is very fragile. Did you know that our hair is one of the most fragile parts of our body. You can find out a lot on the Internet about hair loss in articles like this one. Use the tips in this article to help you get started.

Smart Skin Care Practices for Acne Scar Treatment Sydney

Acne scar treatment Sydney

Taking good care of your skin is especially important if you’re suffering from acne. For most teens and younger people, the acne will eventually clear up but not always. When you are just figuring out what to do, the first goal is to know what type of skin you have. It can be difficult to get started with acne scar treatment, so learn these skin care essentials and take care of your acne.

Maybe you have noticed that spending time in the sun helps clear up some of your breakouts? There is no guarantee that your acne will go away permanently, plus there’s the danger of too much sun. It all depends on your reason for going in the sun whether it’s to help your acne or get a tan. But these products are not created equal, so perhaps look for reviews online or ask your friends, etc. Also stay away from products that are very oily because that can aggravate your acne scars. So no matter what you choose to go with, just be sure it’s compatible with your skin and will not give you more breakouts. Tea tree oil has many benefits and is used to treat infections, and this is also known to be effective in acne scar treatment. This has proven its effectiveness over the years, and is something that’s always worth trying as an alternative to conventional acne medications. Never use straight tea tree oil because it’s powerful stuff and can cause redness, etc. That’s why you should be careful about the concentration you use, and it’s best to start out with a product that has a low concentration, as this will minimize the chances of side effects occurring. Tea tree oil has many uses and is appreciated by lots of people, and hopefully it will be a good choice for you.

When you’re suffering from acne, make sure you aren’t using skin care products that are going to make the problem worse. You must check moisturizer ingredients to ensure you’re not putting cheap petroleum products on your skin. It all depends on your natural type of skin, so you will never want to aggravate it cause breakouts due to clogged pores. But not only do you need to be concerned about oil, you have to think about harsh chemicals that can irritate the epidermal layer. Never assume that slick, glossy packaging means the product is high quality. If you are thinking of acne scar treatment and have not been able to get a clear path of action, then turn your attention to daily cleansing techniques. The above are just a few pointers that can help you keep your skin in the best possible condition while you’re dealing with this problem. There are many people who are able to make progress with a combination of approaches.